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I am a married, thirty-something mother of four girls.  I love to try new things and I love to express my I thought "Why not start a blog?"  I buy a variety of products, whether it is for me, my teenage daughters, my kindergartener, or my toddler.  I always try to stay up on the latest trends.  Needless to say, my experiences with many different products are unlimited, thus allowing me to create a blog with assortment!!  I've always been a firm believer that the best form of marketing is through word of mouth. 

Are you looking for someone to help promote your products?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I would love to try your product and give an honest review.  I will only post positive reviews!!!  If I do not like your product, I will email you letting you know that I will not be posting a review on my blog.  If I do like your product, you can expect my blog to contain pictures of your product being used, a detailed description of your product and my experience using it, and links to your homepage for my readers to purchase your products for themselves! 

I also like to have ‘giveaways’ of my favorite products.  I welcome any products so that one of my lucky readers can experience your product as well.

Please Contact me at:
Gobucksgirl24 (at) gmail (dot) com