Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beautifully Handcrafted

There is a local TV repair shop here in Columbus where the owner makes these GORGEOUS wood items in his spare time. He is the type of person that strives for perfection in every piece. Not only are the items well-made, but they are created from the best woods including exotic woods such as yellowheart, purpleheart, and bloodwood. The corner of this chess board shows the beautiful color in yellowheart.

He recently created a Facebook page to promote his crafts, which can be seen here. A person with this talent should get more recognition, so please check out his page and 'like' it.

 I am absolutely in love with these vases and bowls.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 5 Gifts for Women & GIVEAWAY!!

With Sweetest Day right around the corner, I thought I would provide men with a little help on picking that perfect gift for any occasion by creating a top five gift guide.  I am also giving away a Victoria’s Secret PINK Perfume and lotion gift set.  Ladies….you are encouraged to enter this giveaway and win it for yourself as well; please see details below.
#5 FLOWERS – Different flowers have different meanings, and if you research this, you’ll impress her even more!  Flowers are beautiful and will brighten up her day; however, if she is anything like me then she will prefer a potted flower.  Although I love to receive roses from my husband, I feel a bit sad when they wither and die a week later.  He bought me an Orchid a few years back for Valentine’s Day; it is still alive and well, and I get to enjoy its blooms every so often.  It’s like a gift that keeps on giving!!  Flowers are the best gift when they are given as a “just because” gift and not on a specific holiday.
#4 ELECTRONIC GADGETS – You are probably wondering “what’s so romantic about electronic gadgets”?  Well, with a little thought and personalization, they can be the gift to bring tears to her eyes. 

A Digital Photo Frame already loaded with pictures of the kids or pets shows that you’re tech-savvy with a sentimental side.  Another great choice would be an IPod loaded with songs that remind you of her.  Back in the day we used to make each other mixed cassette tapes; however, an IPod will win you some extra brownie points.
#3 PERFUME – Now this gift is tricky.  Does she already have a favorite perfume?  If she doesn’t, you shouldn’t just go out and buy a random perfume without some sneaky preparation.  Every woman’s chemistry is different and the same perfume can smell differently on different women.  Perhaps one day at the mall, she can try on a couple to see which one she likes the best.  Then later you can buy her the bottle of perfume when she isn’t around. 
If she does have a favorite perfume, and unless you do not like the aroma of your lady, I wouldn’t recommend straying away from her favorite brand.  DO NOT buy her a “knock-off” brand of her perfume.  Although they may smell similar, you are giving her the message that she is not worth the real thing.
#2 PAMPERING –Treat your special lady to a day at the spa by providing her with a gift certificate.  What woman would not love a relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure, and facial?  This would be a wonderful gift especially for those mothers who need some alone time.  Let her relax and unwind while others take care of her for a change!