Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 5 Gifts for Women & GIVEAWAY!!

With Sweetest Day right around the corner, I thought I would provide men with a little help on picking that perfect gift for any occasion by creating a top five gift guide.  I am also giving away a Victoria’s Secret PINK Perfume and lotion gift set.  Ladies….you are encouraged to enter this giveaway and win it for yourself as well; please see details below.
#5 FLOWERS – Different flowers have different meanings, and if you research this, you’ll impress her even more!  Flowers are beautiful and will brighten up her day; however, if she is anything like me then she will prefer a potted flower.  Although I love to receive roses from my husband, I feel a bit sad when they wither and die a week later.  He bought me an Orchid a few years back for Valentine’s Day; it is still alive and well, and I get to enjoy its blooms every so often.  It’s like a gift that keeps on giving!!  Flowers are the best gift when they are given as a “just because” gift and not on a specific holiday.
#4 ELECTRONIC GADGETS – You are probably wondering “what’s so romantic about electronic gadgets”?  Well, with a little thought and personalization, they can be the gift to bring tears to her eyes. 

A Digital Photo Frame already loaded with pictures of the kids or pets shows that you’re tech-savvy with a sentimental side.  Another great choice would be an IPod loaded with songs that remind you of her.  Back in the day we used to make each other mixed cassette tapes; however, an IPod will win you some extra brownie points.
#3 PERFUME – Now this gift is tricky.  Does she already have a favorite perfume?  If she doesn’t, you shouldn’t just go out and buy a random perfume without some sneaky preparation.  Every woman’s chemistry is different and the same perfume can smell differently on different women.  Perhaps one day at the mall, she can try on a couple to see which one she likes the best.  Then later you can buy her the bottle of perfume when she isn’t around. 
If she does have a favorite perfume, and unless you do not like the aroma of your lady, I wouldn’t recommend straying away from her favorite brand.  DO NOT buy her a “knock-off” brand of her perfume.  Although they may smell similar, you are giving her the message that she is not worth the real thing.
#2 PAMPERING –Treat your special lady to a day at the spa by providing her with a gift certificate.  What woman would not love a relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure, and facial?  This would be a wonderful gift especially for those mothers who need some alone time.  Let her relax and unwind while others take care of her for a change!

#1 JEWELRY – We’ve all heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that still holds true.  Diamonds signify “forever”, and diamonds never go out of style.  What better way to show your girl that you love her than to give her diamonds.   Now….if diamonds are not in your budget, other jewelry will be wonderful as well.  A gold bracelet, heart shaped jewelry or a personalized jewelry item such as an engraved ring or a Locket would all make great gifts.

One lucky reader will receive a Victoria’s Secret PINK perfume gift set.  The set includes a 1 oz. bottle of PINK perfume and a 3.4 oz bottle of PINK lotion.  This set comes in a cute gift box with a ribbon bow.

How to Enter:
Contest Ends on October 31, 2011.  The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to claim prize or a new winner will be chosen.  Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only! All above entries will be verified.   All entries without proper verification will be removed.


DEBIJOT said...

top five
yellow roses
dinner reservations
bracelet charms
getaway weekend

maria g said...

5 - romantic letter/sentimental note
4 - dinner out
3 - perfume
2 - daisies
1 - jewelry!

hookedonafeline999 at yahoo dot com

peg42 said...

An ipod touch
A romantic weekend away (with someone to watch the kids)
A blueray player
A nice necklace

bukaeyes said...

I would love a ring with my daughter's birthstone in it!

bukaeyes said...

A trip to anywhere!!!
A Nook Color
An I pod
a new laptop!

abfantom said...

Top 5 gifts:

new cellphone
Hawaiian vacation
Gift cards to clothing stores

abfantom at yahoo dot com

kelley said...

new couch
clothing gift card
a nice set of earrings

Rebecca said...

Weekend trip, flowers, new handbag, perfume, nice dinner out. :)

rebecca.nvcl (at)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

my top five (and I'm a bit odd)

-dinner to The Melting Pot
-a nice book, perhaps one he read and loved
-gift card
-something handmade

lauren51990 at aol dot com

Jessica Erin said...

5. Dinner somewhere really nice
4. Gift Card
3. Kids big toys
2. Kindle
1. Ipad

Thanks for the chance :)

best dot e dot jessica at gmail dot com

Matt Ferrell said...

I can't really think of a top list. I'm easy to please.

I guess:

- Dinner out somewhere nice.
- A trip somewhere, even if it's just a drive around town!

And a few for greedy sake:
- gift card
- an iPad
- Beatles stuff (I collect it)

animasou @ comcast . net

Matt Ferrell said...


animasou @ comcast . net

Courtney said...

new car
new house
a trip to the spa
a new pup!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

amyorvin said...

1. digital camara
3. perfume
4. giftcard
5. new TV

amyorvin said...

Posted giveaway to facebook
heres the link

bridget3420 said...

Meal prepared
Video game


Carolyn G said...

1. trip/vacation
2. Dinner at a fancy rsestaurant
3. Kindle
4. some non-stick cookware
5. cooking classes

Mandy said...

Top 5 gifts

1. Gift cards
2. Trip somewhere
3. A new car
4. A house
5. Jewlery

Anonymous said...

Top 5 gift:

Christian Louboutin Shoe :)
A house

blue65829 said...

My top 5:
a laptop
a nice dinner out
good bottle of wine
Housecleaning services!

blue65829 at aol dot com

sweetsue said...

My top 5 gifts would be
1. An engagement ring-I've been with my boyfriend for 16 years!
2. Lingerie
3.A nice photo of family
4.White Shoulders or Ciara perfume
5.Flannel anything
(Susan Chester)

Mango said...

My top 5 gifts would be:
diamond ring
new car
fashion outfit
expensive shoes
a cat :)

tanya904 said...

My fave gifts would be
Craft Store Shopping Spree
A new Cell Phone
A Car
My fave Perfume
A bottle of fancy red wine

tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

Cass said...

In no particular order: flowers, jewelry, iPad, shopping spree (but I'd want him to come with me and help me decide!), cutesy things like stuffed animals. :)

Lori A. said...

hearing aids
spa pedicure
miracle perfume
replace carpet with wood flooring

MsAngelasFinds said...

Beauty Supplies

Angela Michels
lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

MsAngelasFinds said...

My favorite Avon Product is Skin So Soft.
Angela Michels
lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

Crib Couture said...

My top 5:
A clean house(not cleaned by me)
A nice meal
A day off
A new Oufit
A special day with my family.

Jennifer Paige said...

A day of all food being made for me, a trip to somewhere out of state, a card, a phone call, perfume

paige1sme at aol dot com

deanna said...

1. ipad
2. flowers
3. $100 gc to H&M
4. closet organizer
5. vacation
deannalw47 AT hotmail DOT com

damiesmom said...

my gift would be jewelry i want a family ring with my sons birthstones opal!
damiesmom at ymail dot com

ellie said...

#1 an ipad
#2 Nook
#3 books
#4 digital photo frame filled with grandson's photos
#5 flat screen TV

Thanks for the giveaway!
eswright18 at gmail dot com

Annemarie Zito said...

1. Dinner out.
2. Chocolate.
3. A new car.
4. A new purse.
5. New shoes.


Jessica said...

1. iPad
2. digital camera
3. espresso machine
4. cheesecake
5. gift card to a clothing store
paramourbeat at gmail dot com

amanda hoffman said...

my top 5 would be
ipod touch
ipad 2
gift card
baby stuff

hbbs55 said...

top 5
flowers, weekend away, romantic dinner that he cooked and does dishes, romantic dinner out and song that he wrote for me :)

tamathamc said...

we recently moved & no longer have a fireplace so..
1. an electric fireplace
2. beachy decor
3. a spa day
4. a romantic dinner
5. a new desktop computer

wendy said...

1 - new luggage
2 - gc to a salon for a haircut
3 - new digital camera
4 - someone to print out my wedding photos
5 - new boots

madamerkf at aol dot com

bored2quickly said...

1. My daughter Getting into her dream college
2. A clean house
3. My sister moving back to California
4. A new TV
5. A laptop

Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
Renee Walters

Shannon E. said...

1: Lobster gram
2: hickory farms gift basket
3: perfume
4: Candy
5: See's chocolates

couponmama34 said...

a morning to sleep in
romantic weekend with my hubbyluv
ipad would be awesome
a lazy day

Anonymous said...

I like their Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream.

Priscilla Benavides said...

1. Juicy Couture Perfume
2. Louis Voutton Purse
3. Wii game system
4. Ipod
5. Iphone

s8r8l33 said...

Top 5 gifts

1. A new computer
2. Trip anywhere west coast
3. A new car
4. A dinner out
5. Jewlery

PaulineMilner said...

My top 5 gifts would be:

1. Trip to Disney World
2. A new diamond ring
3. A puppy
4. A day at the spa
5. Dinner and a movie


MichelleS said...

1. Lipo......LOL.
2. A day to pamper myself.
3. Home gym.
4. iPhone 4S
5. Shopping spree.

Jean said...

Bath & Body
Sephora gift card to buy myself some makeup
jeanlynd at att dot net

Karmajnke said...

5. Kitchen Appliances
4. Books
3. Paint supplies
2. Money
1. Kindle

Anonymous said...

Le Creuset
Car Detailing

c allen said...

my top five
1 new shoes
2 clean house
3 cut & perm for my hair
4 dinner cooked for a week
5 organized office
crystal l allen

WWillows6 said...

My top 5:
New coat
New purse
New perfume
New shoes
New jewelry

Lisa Garner
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Suzy said...

My top 5 gifts...
1. Bath & BodyWorks gift card!
2. $100 Visa gift card!
3. Hard Candy makeup
4. New slippers
5. Money! Yes, I like money. ;)

McKim said...

new shoes
manicure & pedicure
new set of Tupperware cannisters
new winter coat
$$ for haircut

wcc said...

My top 5:
#1: New Computer
#2: Gift cards for Sephora
#3: Shoes, shoes, shoes!
#4: New iPod touch
#5: Kitchenaid Mixer

Thanks for the chance! :)
whitechocolatecherries at

daniel healey said...

Toys for my kids
ipod/gaming console
gift cert for clothes

Becca Ann said...

a new laptop
victoria secret gift card
a romantic date night
to be able to sleep in
and lastly

ohstac said...

top 5:
dinner out
new running shoes
vera bradley bag
cute boots
pretty scarf

Anonymous said...

1.Time off from work. I dont even need a "vacation" just time to relax at home. clothes
I cant think of anything else off hand.
jamiewhittington at yahoo dot com

KIM said...

5) Mani/pedi
4) clothes
3) jewelry
2) laptop
1) a romantic trip

Kimberley Meier
momof3chaos at yahoo dot com

terri142 said...

top five
a diamond necklace
spa day
a girls weekend trip
craft store gift card

tderosa142 at gmail dot com

Terra said...

All I would want is a nice weekend with my boyfriend to do fun things that we enjoy like going for a walk, watching movies, and cooking dinner.

mystik2005 at hotmail dot com

Klady Macias said...

iPod touch

jsc123 said...

My top five would be :

A day of nothing but fun with my husband.( No worries or demands)
Gift Card


Jackee said...

Top 5
A new curling iron
a flirty apron
Rue 21 gift card
and chocolate

krazekatlady at gmail dot com

brich2222 said...

laptop computer
washer and dryer
new house carpet

caseyle2010 said...

1. new matching dishes
2. new clothes
3. zebra print household decorations
4. a new bathtub
5. a few flowers :)
caseyeve_003 at yahoo dot com

Caryn said...

a necklace with my daughter's birthstone
hot chocolate or tea set
CD holder
massage gift card
pedicure gift card

caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Nikon d3100
A Pair of JC Litas
Moschino belt
braces (weird, i know)
Knee high boots

xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com

Gladys M said...



mysteri_015 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

My top 5 gifts would be:

1. An iPad2 with unlimited data!
2. A laptop computer
3. A new washer & dryer
4. A portable dishwasher
5. A flat screen television

Dara Nix
kitty32504 at cox dot net

Ryan said...

my top 5 gifts this year...

5. theater tickets
4. shoes
3. some tv show dvds
2. kindle fire
1. ipad

javeta said...

date night with the hubby
mom ring with kids birthstones
new clothes
something to do as a family

vetalicious@live dot com

Morgan Edger said...

1. A Kindle
2. A pretty set of candles
3. A new swim suit
4. A pair of brown boots
5. Tickets to the ballet

tdean30 said...

1. Chocolate
2. Gift cards
3. Flowers
4. Jewelry
5. Dinner and a movie


mary said...


marygardner49 at aol dot com

MAC Mom said...

Restaurant Gift Certificate
Victoria's Secret Gift Card
Artwork- Paintings

Lanicsha W said...

Gift Cards
Kids clothes

iloveher6923 at yahoo dot com

barb hunt said...

Thanks for the great contest!

Heidi Back said...

1. Vacation for our family of four.
2. A shopping spree for my daughter. The kewlest clothes she can stand, lol.
3. A car fewer than 5 years old!
4. iPad or laptop.
5. Hair salon gift cards.

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