Sunday, August 28, 2011

SHARK Navigator Lift Away Vacuum cleaner / sweeper

After many hours spent reading the reviews on vacuums I finally decided to buy one.  Although my husband was leaning toward a Dyson, I couldn’t justify spending $600 for a vacuum cleaner unless it came with an operator.   My decision was the Shark Navigator Lift Away.  Although there weren’t many reviews for this particular model at that time, I really liked how versatile it looked.  The day I got it is the day I fell in love with it.  Why didn’t I buy this thing sooner??  I used to have a heavy vacuum cleaner for the carpets and a ‘power broom’ for my hardwood floors, but I threw them both out (well, one went to the trash; the other I sold at my garage sale) after the first time I used the Shark.  It swivels to allow me to get around the tables legs; it picks up the dirt along the baseboard without requiring me to use the hose and an attachment tool.  The suction is AMAZING!!!  In fact, it allows me to adjust the suction if it is too powerful…as if there was such a thing.  It allows me to detach the canister and hold it in one hand as I clean the stairs.  The hose easily separates from the body in two different locations giving the choice of either a long attachment or short attachment.  When vacuuming in the upright position, you are given a choice of with brushes (for carpet) or without the use of brushes (bare floor), which is turned on and off by a switch.  When I use the brushes on the carpet, it is so powerful that it feels like it is self-propelled!
After my first use of my Shark, I could not believe all the dirt and pet hair that my other vacuum left behind!  I love EVERYTHING about this vacuum including emptying the canister.  The canister unlocks from the base, and then you place if over a trash can and push a button so the bottom drops down.  All the dirt falls out….no more banging a filter against the trash can trying to get the clinging dirt and hair off of it as you inhale a lung full of dust.  I just used it to sweep out my minivan, which had sand and hair in the carpet left over from the carwash vacuums.  I was able to use it in the upright position inside my van and now my van looks brand new again.    I paid $179 for this vacuum and I think it is COMPLETELY worth it.  After seeing what this vacuum is capable of, I would’ve paid twice that amount!  Now, of course, I've only had this for a couple of months now, but I also own the  Shark S3501N Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop and the Shark Premium Portable Steam Pocket Includes 5 Cleaning Pockets + 2 Quick Release Wands and I am happy with both of those, so I expect the same from the vacuum.

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